Dalma Sofiyah – ‘Shy Guy’

Singer / Songwriter Dalma Sofiyah is here with her new single ‘Shy Guy’ 

Her previous singles ‘Option B’ and ‘On The Road to Recovery’ are quite the contrast from each other so I was excited to see what she had for us with this new single.

‘Shy Guy’  doesn’t disappoint, Dalma definitely knows how to write a catchy melody as the main hook of the song repeats ‘I met a shy guy, a cute guy, a really freaky cool guy’ this catchy ear worm of a hook gets stuck in your head instantly and is really a credit to what a talented writer Dalma is.  

 This song is definitely more on the pop spectrum than her previous tracks. Dalma has expressed that she is heavily influenced by pop icons such as Lady Gaga and Madonna. ‘Shy Guy’ has clear influences from 00’s pop from the production to the vocal styles, especially in the bridge of the song. 

This poptastic song is rooted in satiric humour, as Dalma explains ‘It’s secretly about celebrating the
end of Trump’s presidency and the freedom from narcissists in general
.’ This makes the title ‘Shy Guy’ drip with irony.

‘Shy Guy’ is out today on all streaming platforms so go and show it some love

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