INCONNIA – ‘Slow Down’

INCONNIA has released her debut single which is the first of 8 singles to be released over the next year and a half. 

The first of these singles is ‘Slow Down’, she explains the new single as  ‘It is about mindfulness: allowing space to exist between thoughts, and my journey towards understanding the beginnings of how to slow down a racing mind’ 

The single is very on the ALT-POP spectrum as the innovative use of production is the main focus of this track. 

INCONNIA is the definition of a DIY artist as she is the sole brains behind this project. Producing the music, writing the lyrics, and even creating the art that goes alongside the single. 

The single will be accompanied by a music video too. Explained by INCONNIA as an artistic painted-aesthetic music video, and 3 YouTube videos talking about me, the song and how it was made. 

This is only the beginning for INCONNIA, so keep an eye out as much more is to come! 

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