Introducing – SISI

Wow! This girl’s got a voice! I spoke to new R&B singer SISI about where her passion for music came from and about the release of her debut single ‘Cloud 9’ that was released back  in January. 

When speaking to SISI her love for music started at an early age, growing up in a musical family. 

It definitely started from growing up in the church constantly being around music and from being in a very musical family’

It’s no surprise that SISI credits her influences as some of the biggest stars in R&B as this definitely can be heard in her vocal style and lyricism. ‘Ariana grande, Jasmine Sullivan and Beyoncé have to be some of the most influential to me purely because there music is the type I want to make in the future’

Back in January SISI released her debut single ‘Cloud 9’ with strong influences of R&B and Pop SISI said where the influence for this track came from ‘Cloud 9’ Was just about having a good time you only live this life once why not make the most of it’. 

That’s definitely the type of message we all need to hear after the year we’ve had!

‘Cloud 9’ had a very successful release, I asked SISI how she found the release of her debut single, the release of cloud 9 went great for my first ever single it’s been played on bbc tees introducing many times the music video has over 5 k views in under a month I’ve had other interviews and overall it’s been great’ 

The future is definitely bright for this vocal powerhouse, with more music and some collaborations lined up, I’m excited to see what SISI has for us next! 

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