Introducing – ESHÉ

ESHÉ is the latest singer / songwriter to hit the R&B scene with her smooth at ease vocals and her cool fashion sense. I spoke to ESHÉ about her musical roots and her singles ‘Crown’ and ‘Worth It’

ESHÉ says her love for music started at a young age, growing up in a musical family and watching Disney movies.

“It came from the music my mum and my grandparents played as a child, watching Disney movies and musicals. Also, witnessing my mum sing and perform, I was in complete awe of her voice and I wanted to be able to do what she did.

Some of ESHÉ’s biggest influences are the likes of Micheal Jackson, Beyoncé, Aaliyah and Brandy. These R&B influences definitely come through in her smooth and slinky influences.

My voice is very 90’s RnB and neo-soul inspired. I love singing falsetto and doing riffs and runs. I learnt a lot of vocal techniques from artist’s like Brandy, Aaliyah, Chris Brown and Beyonce.

ESHÉ’s song ‘Crown’ is a fun and upbeat track that pays homage to R&B in the early 2000’s . I asked her what the inspiration behind this song was.

Just having fun, to be honest, the lyrics came naturally to me. I fell in love with the nostalgic, 2000’s vibe of the beat and how versatile it was, I found it so catchy. So, I wanted to write lyrics that matched that vibe. And having Just Isaiah featured on the song gave the song an extra UK edge.

ESHÉ’s latest release ‘Worth It’ was released on the 9th of April. ESHÉ noted that this was probably her favourite song she’s released so far.

I had a lot of fun writing the lyrics to this song. I drew on the feelings I’ve had for people I’ve romantically admired, as I wanted to give the song a personal, intimate element.”

Yama’s lyrical contribution and cadence complimented the song so well, as he was able to grasp the themes quite quickly.”

We literally wrote parts of the song last summer, during the lockdown in my back garden. And we performed it for the first time before recording it, at my first gig back in October 2020.”

ESHÉ is set for big things. So make sure to follow and show her some love!

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