LAILANA – ‘Pixelated Soundwaves’

UK based, Lebanese-Filipino singer-songwriter LAILANA released a new single ‘Pixelated Soundwaves’ on the 19th of March. 

From the vocals to the music video this song is hypnotising in every way.  

As LAILANA describes  “It’s about someone who is stuck in a vicious cycle- specifically drug abuse- and how they can’t get out of the rabbit hole they’re stuck in,”

This message definitely comes across in the stunning visuals that LAILANA has put alongside this song. 

However the main focus of this track has to be what a talented songwriter LAILANA is with the melody lines complimenting her beautiful pop styled vocals and lyrics perfectly. 

‘Pixelated Soundwaves’ is out on all streaming platforms. 

 LAILANA is definitely one to watch, so keep an eye out for her!

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