INCONNIA – ‘Witness Statement’

Last week INCONNIA released ‘Witness Statement’. This is the second release of many more yet to come.

‘Witness Statement’ is a vulnerable and deeply personal spoken monologue about life with OCD and relationship PTSD.

“ I struggled with both in silence for years, and I am not alone in this experience, despite feeling it for a long time. Communities and help do exist for both, but there is such a HUGE stigma that it can take years for individuals to realize there is something wrong, and then to access those resources. And I want to change that with my music, not just with Witness Statement, but with ALL my music releases (releasing every 2 months). I am determined to not let others feel helpless for as long as I did.” 

One of the things that INCONNIA does incredibly with all her releases is the visuals that go alongside them.  With ‘Witness Statement’ the visuals are aesthetically dark and fitting to the monologue. 

The hip-hip / orchestral instrumental of this track is also a credit to what a talented artist INCONNIA is. 

Go check ‘Witness Statement’ out on all streaming platforms and keep an eye out for INCONNIA’s other releases still to come. 

Monologue from ‘Witness Statement’

“This is the monologue
of a girl
Who at 18 years old
discovered she had

Nobody had ever
looked at her
this way before.
She felt seen.

She was lonely,
And she had forgotten herself,
At the hands of somebody else.
That was the trauma.

And she was scared
all the time
since the age of 9,
and she thought it was normal.
That was the OCD.

She doesn’t want to be silent anymore.
She wants others to know
that if they have ever felt this way,
they are not alone.
Or if they hear themselves
in her sounds and her words,
they need not unawarely suffer
in undiagnosed brain chatter.

I never knew I had OCD,
or how a safe relationship should be,
until I did.
After 10 plus years of not knowing
that I didn’t have to feel so bad,
that it wasn’t my fault
and that I didn’t need to sit
alone in the gutter,
people were out there
who helped me
to learn that I matter.

I pledge, for now,
until I feel something other,
to raise awareness
about OCD and relationship trauma.They are barely talked about.

I am so thankful that we have
the beginnings of
about anxiety and depression,
but it isn’t enough.
We need to talk
about the rest of us
and with love.
I am human.
I love, I laugh, I am joyful, I am sorrowful
I am angry, I despair, I am peaceful, I am blessed.
Much of my music
discusses other stories.
(I am so much more than any disorder)
From identity, to love, to grief, to fears,  thoughts, feelings, and experiences.
I will be talking about more than
(I am so much more than any disorder)
Inevitably, acknowledging the thoughts in my head, the people I have met,
and the life I am yet
to live.
You are not alone in being alive.

No matter the narrative,
If just one person finds peace or knowledge or seeks professional advice as a result of my craft, then it is art worth sharing.

Mental health regardless,
I hope that you enjoy my music
or find emotion or solidarity,
or feel a little lighter.

Or don’t. That’s okay too.

For now, this is my Witness Statement.
Thank you for listening.”

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