INCONNIA – ‘Don’t Save Me’

Inconnia’s new single ‘Don’t Save Me’ is out today.

Mental health advocacy is a theme that runs through a lot of Inconnia’s music and is a theme that is very close to her heart. 

‘Don’t save me’ is an experimental dream pop track, the power of the single lies in its lyrics and the certain vulnerability Inconnia brings to her music.

The chorus repeating:

 “whispers on the grape vine, one time, when our fingers were intertwined… don’t blind my eyes and hold your lies, the kind of talk that I despise, ‘cos I heard it on the grape vine…” 

Inconnia’s hypnotic vocals shine through in this latest release, layers of harmonies all acting as a support for her amazing lead vocal. 

The instrumentation on the track adds further realism to the lyrics, the violin adds to this beautifully. 

Be sure to check this out and show Inconnia some love.

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