YNES – ‘God’s Little Punching Bag’

If you haven’t heard of YNES by now… you’re welcome. The fiery songwriter takes on the style of 00s pop with a post-punk style and attitude. 

YNES is here with her latest single ‘God’s Little Punching Bag’ and the energy that she brings with this song is unmatched. 

What makes YNES even more of a force is that she self produces, edits her own music videos, and even prints her own flyers. 

Authentic DIY energy that radiates through this track along with the empowering message for god to ‘do his f*cking worst’ 

The fast paced delivery of the guitars, drums and angsty vocals only help build the attitude of this track. 

The lyrics have strong influences of punk alongside YNES showing humour in her lyrics. My personal favourite being ‘Text your friends, tell your family. Can you believe this psycho wrote a song about me?’

YNES is set for big things. ‘God’s little punching bag’ is out now, make sure you check it out and leave it some love. 

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