Bellatrix – ‘iPhone’

This week Alt Pop singer / songwriter Bellatrix released her latest single ‘iPhone’. 

Turning her experiences of being within an abusive relationship into music that is not only reflective, but understanding and uplifting, Bellatrix’s inherent ability to put her journey into electric pop anthems is insanely compelling. 

“iPhone was written from a place of disillusion and lack of clarity,” explains Bellatrix. “It’s about addiction and escapism, which was a big part of the problem in the relationship that this EP was written during and about. What I also came to realise was that to me, the relationship was an addiction in itself. A codependent dynamic that I was using to keep myself small.”

Featuring Bellatrix’s sugary, dynamic vocal arrangement, ‘iPhone’ is an intense moment of pop where Bellatrix’s explosive sonics create a dazzling piece of electronic-infused goodness. 

Bellatrix draws inspiration from artists such as Bjork, Nina Simone, and Kate Bush and these influences can really be heard in this latest release. 

iPhone is from Bellatrix’s forthcoming EP I Was An Aphid naming the EP after American feminist and civil rights activist Audre Lorde. 

 I Was An Aphid  is due to be released later this year. 

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