Cassie Marin – ‘Tanto’

A Vibrant Display of Cultural Expression, Vulnerability and Bodily Integrity.

Los Angeles-based vocalist, producer and multi-instrumentalist Cassie Marin is back on the scene with a new single that sparkles to life with equal parts strength and vulnerability.

The track invites endless replays, merging rhythmic Latin beats seamlessly with a rich, textural soundscape that firmly situates itself within the realm of avant-garde pop.
Paying homage to her Cuban-American heritage, Marin’s first language Spanish is the driving force of ‘Tanto’.

Her soft, seductive vocals command just as much attention as the booming drumbeats, weaving an intricate tapestry of sound that equates Marin’s unique expression of femininity with the strength of her cultural background.

This track marks a new chapter in Marin’s discography as her first single with non-English vocals—speaking on why it took her
time to release music in her first language she says, “I felt as if every time I would write a song in Spanish I was trying to fit into a template rather than telling my own story, so I just waited until it felt right and my message became clear”.
The message behind ‘Tanto’ is an intensely personal one. Having wrestled with an autoimmune disease in private for the past seven years, Marin’s personal journey inspired her new single.

Elaborating on this, the artist says, “I was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease that no doctor I sought out could seem to give a name to. I felt helpless and defeated looking at my body in the mirror covered by this red shape that seemed to be snaking its way along my body, taunting me with a loss of control”. By channelling this into her music, Marin brings a distinctly human vulnerability to the synth-soaked hyper-reality of contemporary pop music.

The cover art for ‘Tanto’ is a visual reflection of this duality; displaying Marin in a neutral bodysuit, dappled with computer generated renders of the hives that occur as a result of her autoimmune disease. The pink, fleshy lettering of ‘Tanto’ is an extension of these,
reimagining Marin’s struggle in her own terms with firm artistic control.

Lyrically and visually, this single shows Marin’s complexity as an artist, and solidifies her status as an emerging luminary forging her own path in the music industry.

Words By Eibhlin Enright

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