Sister Lucy – ‘Big Kid’

Singer Songwriter Sister Lucy is here with her latest release ‘Big Kid’. Sister Lucy’s aim is to create “Country-Grunge headbandgers you can scream-sing along to” and ‘Big Kid’ is no different.

One thing that shines through on this track is Sister Lucy’s stunning vocals and how perfectly they fit with the grunge / country aesthetic of the song. 

Sister Lucy also shows her talents as a songwriter as this track is perfectly tongue-in-cheek, the song paints a picture of adults who ‘play pretend’ with the opening line stating “Big Girl Pants drying in the breeze”

Speaking of ‘Big Kid’ Sister Lucy states: “The phrase Big Kid describes my permanent state of existence and my need for daily escapism” – “It’s my nostalgia for childhood simplicity and the longing to break out of mundane adulthood.” 

‘Big Kid’ is the second single from Sister Lucy’s upcoming EP Big Girl Pants which will be out for release in November. 

Sister Lucy has a headline show on Wednesday 10th November at the Shacklewell Arms.

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