Ella Rosa – ‘Nothing’s Sacred’ Interview

Today is the release of British singer / songwriter Ella Rosa’s latest single ‘Nothing’s Sacred’. This latest offering is the follow on form Ella’s most recent track with rapper 24HRS “Just Me” I spoke to Ella about her latest single and where her love for music originated.

Ella Credits “Strong Powerhouse Women” such as Amy Winehouse, Nina Simone and Erykah Badu as some of her biggest influences. Ella has always known that music is her passion, stating that “I remember seeing my brother performing at a young age and feeling this crazy emotion for the music he was singing, that mixed with seeing the audience reaction was enough to put me directly on the path of music making and performing.”

Ella later went on to study opera, broadening her musical talent even further.

‘Nothing’s Sacred’ has strong R&B influences from the production to the vocal melody. 

Ella speaks of new single saying – “I felt like I had given a lot to someone who was sitting on the surface and it scared me to think that I didn’t pick up on those red flags. I think it’s always scary after a really long relationship to pick up on the things that you didn’t notice when you guys were together.”

When asked about how she has grown as an artist Ella stated: “I think I’ve gained a lot of knowledge and confidence I’ve the years. I’ve learnt to just put more time and meditation into the things I’m doing and the moves I’m making. I’m definitely still growing but the journey has been very fun so far

Ella has big plans for the future, she is currently on the Sofar Sounds tour of the west coast and in the stages of finalising an EP due to be out later this year. So watch this space! 

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