Baby Bleu – ‘Honey’

‘Honey’ is the newest release by Dublin based singer / songwriter Baby Bleu.
Starting with soft and pure sound, getting you in the mood for a lazy Sunday morning. The sensual tempo makes you tap into your emotions, similar to the ones of melancholic love.

Baby Bleu amazes with her sweet and harmonious voice, you can’t help but get chills. Her effortless vocal variations greatly resemble artists like SZA and Abra.

Baby Bleu shows her vulnerable and sensitive side when mentioning that special someone. That nostalgic yearning to see them and be there by their side. Expressing her fondness to them, but at the same time is done playing. This hot and cold romance is causing a rollercoaster of emotions, but how to leave when you feel on
top of the world when that person calls your name, telling the sweet lies.

The song is undeniably addicting. The lightness in the sound and her harmonious voice make a perfect combination that guarantees her success. We can’t wait to hear more from her in the future, but till then, ‘Honey’ on repeat

Words by Manuela Medic

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