Dolly Dagger – ‘Say What You Wanna’ 

Just in time for Halloween Dolly Dagger has released new single ‘Say What You Wanna’ which goes alongside a mini-horror film she created that doubles as a metaphor for burying failed friendships. 

Australian-Angelino artist Dolly Dagger packs a punch like she really means it, “creating an anthem that outlines modern ways to end old friendships.”

“Friendships can be just as hard to navigate as relationships,” Dolly says. “This song is about letting it all go, moving on and cutting the deadweight loose.” To tie things together, Dolly produced, self-shot and edited a horror-style music video in which she has to dispose of a body that works as a perfect metaphor for the emotion behind a longtime friendship fallout.

This track is filled with intense guitar riffs and catchy vocal melodies. 

Get into the halloween spirit and check out ‘Say What You Wanna’

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