Daisy Draper – ‘Let Go’

Interested in spiritual pop? Then Daisy Draper’s new single ‘Let Go’ is for you.  Following her first song ‘Did You Think,’ the spiritual pop singer and intuitive healer has come out with her second single today. Her strong emotional lyrics invite you to reflect on your own personal growth and truth. 

The Los Angeles singer sparked success when she released her first song ‘Did You Think’ during this past summer. Her song followed the journey of a toxic relationship which caused a lot of pain. This had the effect of her having to find her own strength to pick herself up and move on. Following a similar theme, ‘Let Go’ explores releasing all pain and harmful thoughts with the outcome of feeling free and happy.

As Daisy stated herself on one of her recent instagram posts her song represents “alchemizing our wounds and integrating the denied aspects of self”. Her lyrics aren’t the only thing that will blow your mind away, but her harmonies are to die for. She has a great control of her voice range which makes her single that much more inspiring.

She will also be performing at the Viper Room tomorrow so if you can, definitely head on over there. ‘Let Go’ is available to stream on Spotify and her music video can be found on youtube. So sit down, grab a cup of tea and let yourself relax while listening to this mystical anthem.

Words By Natalia Daley

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