Faun Flora -‘See You At The Funeral’

It’s October 29th, singer and song writer Faun Flora has dropped her new single ‘See You At The Funeral’.

The track invites the listener to immerse in a hypnotic soothing sound. ‘See you at the Funeral’ encapsulates all the characteristics of a canonical dream-pop song, as the singer masters electronic sounds, weaving a melodic texture that perfectly meshes chords, tracks and deeply existential lyrics. 

Her seductive expressive vocals and emotional words blur seamlessly into the dense and cradling sound of a guitar and electronic atmosphere.

A fruit of an “existential crisis,” the chorus is an expression of what it means “being there for someone until the literal end.” Faun Flora unwraps the message behind her lyrics, and explains: “The verses kind of formed themselves in my head to follow the cadence that was already there. I wanted the bridge to be impactful following the synth solo I had, so I wrote it to express my feelings about “forever” in a relationship. The song itself is meant to play with the ideas of funeral rites of passage, the short time we have on earth, and the bittersweetness of lifelong relationships.” 

‘See You at the Funeral’ represents, for Faun Flora, the start of a new direction she wants to move towards. While her last EP In a Daze, With My Lonesome (2020) had a more pop sound, the artist is shifting to a synth/dream-pop production that does not let her audience down. By navigating a new genre, the singer is returning to an “intimate side of [her] songwriting.” ‘See You at the Funeral’ is the perfect dream pop debut song, and we can’t wait to hear more of Faun Flora’s tracks.

Words By Virginia Ivaldi

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