Introducing – Bryony Williams

Bryony Williams’ music is filled with delicate harmonies and grunge styled vocals. Bryony is also the founder of label GRRRL GROANNN. I spoke to Bryony about how her passion for music started,  the State I’m In EP and her upcoming tour. 

Bryony says that she’s always been the rocker she is today. Crediting her dad’s taste in prog rock as some of her earliest memories of music. “As a kid, my family would always listen to music, CD’s on repeat in the car, in the house, on my Walkman CD player on rainy holidays to Wales. I was a rocker from day one, jumping around to Nirvana, Editors, The Beatles, and basically my dad’s back catalogue of prog rock.”

Bryony credits a wide range of artists as her own musical influences from Paramore to the Sugarbabes. 

Bryony says that music has always “Made Sense” to her. This love for her craft comes through in all of her music but especially in the lead single ‘I Can Be’ from her EP – State I’m In. 

“The lead single ‘I Can Be’ was recorded separately in late 2019 after the completion of my Masters’ degree. That year (to get a little personal) I fell into a depression I hadn’t quite experienced before. I lost my relationship and a bunch of close friends along with it, and spent days medicated in bed. After scraping by my degree, I wrote this song for myself; my own personal empowerment anthem.”

“I can be anything I want to be.” 

With this title track still unreleased. Bryony hopped on a one way flight to Bangkok to do some backpacking around South East Asia  when the pandemic hit. 

“Whilst bunkered down in The Hideout Hostel in Canggu, Indonesia, I had the time to internalise my whole journey of depression and that is where I wrote the final song on the EP, ‘I Wonder’. Composed on the hostel’s ukulele (which you can hear in the song itself), ‘I Wonder’ originally was two separate songs that were only fused together later that year in the music studio. As the lyrics portray, this song is not only about my mental downfall, but it is also a bittersweet farewell to those relationships that are now part of my past.” 

Bryony’s Debut EP Wanderlust was released back in 2016 it’s clear that Bryony has had quite the journey since this release she credits her artist growth as wanting to be pushed in new directions. 

My music is a reflection of my life. Each song has a deep-rooted personal meaning/story and each record personally signifies the bookend of another life’s chapter. So, with age, comes growth, and with growth, comes new music.” 

As mentioned Bryony is the Founder of Label GRRRL GROANNN which represents indie artists and helps combat gender equality. I asked Bryony what made her start this label? 

“Grrrl Groannn started out as a politically-charged music zine that represents women in music and acts as documentation of all the awesome touring bands performing in Birmingham’s local indie scene.” 

“Overall, it is a creative outlet that has evolved into a community-led organisation that relies upon collaboration, friendship, and the DIY agenda.”

 “Grrrl Groannn now operates as a record label, offering artist management, music press, and live events. Zine no.4 is currently in the works and some copies of our previous zines are available on the Grrrl Groannn Bandcamp shop – if anyone wants to check it out.”


Bryony is about to be on tour. An exciting time for any artist. I asked Bryony how she’s feeling about this upcoming tour: 

Omg! I am wetting myself really. I can’t wait. It’s a bunch of anticipation, expectations, and a whole lot of what the fuck!? rolled into nervous excitement.” 

Me and the band have been rehearsing throughout October – the first time we had met each other was at our first rehearsal! So, I’m really excited for us to share this experience together. It’s going to be a cool memory for everyone and I’m picturing us all drinking coffee on the beach of Brighton the morning after our final show, soaking it all in.” 

Go and catch Bryony on tour this month!!!

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