Annie Tisshaw – ‘A Man Is Not A God’

‘A Man Is Not a God’ is the latest release by Norfolk born singer / songwriter and producer Annie Tisshaw. Annie is known for channeling politically charged messages through her music, her previous single ‘We Can Go High’ featured the poem Nasty Women by Nina Donovan.

Annie writes about subjects from sexism, to sexual liberation, and her latest song ‘A Man Is Not A God’ focuses on the theme of sexual assault. 

When asked about her new single Annie stated:  “This song is about the aftermath of being sexually assaulted. When someone who has already haunted you so much keeps showing up (uninvited) to your dreams, or nightmares.”

“ Every lyric in the song is so intentional and has a whole story behind it. The second verse lyrics are my favourite I’ve ever written. It’s so honest, so precious, and so heart wrenching. Yet it’s powerful and empowering too. I hope it makes another woman, who has been through what I’ve been through, feel the same way it made me feel when I was writing it.” 

Annie Tisshaw’s new single ‘A Man Is Not A God’ is out now!

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