Lia Nxieta – ‘Good Boy’

‘Good Boy’ is the latest release by Swiss Singer and Lyricist Lia Nxieta. What Lia brings with her music is a Power Pop style that can be seen in her previous releases ‘Fantasy’ and ‘Sixty Seconds’. 

In ‘Good Boy’ Lia sticks to her uplifting and empowering style of lyrics as she sings about sensuality and sexual liberation which suits her silky R&B vocals perfectly, expressing these intimate body to body experiences. 

Speaking of her latest single and it’s accompanying video Lia stated that: “I had the vision of a bright and colorful scenery in nature where we could create an atmosphere of freedom, empowerment and graceful friskiness.”

It’s clear to see that Lia isn’t afraid to censor herself when it comes to songwriting creating a sexual anthem wrapped-up in an R&B inspired beat. This promising pop-star is definitely set for big things so watch this space.

‘Good Boy’ is out now, go and show it some love!

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