Anna Baldree – ‘Try Again’

Reared on a diet of hymns and early 00’s pop, Tennessee’s Anna Baldree breaks away from her streak of covers to gift us with her dreamy debut, ‘Try again’. Through this bedroom pop piece, she speaks for all of us as she poetically considers how the distance between herself and her loved ones has stretched over the chaos of the last year or so. 

Anna instantly invites us in with the feel of a hometown open mic bar, bringing out a punchy beat and a vibrant yet snug guitar arrangement. It’s with a carefully muted tone that she then proceeds to take us with her on a wistfully candid journey of how she might handle relationships differently if she could ‘try again’, with intimately crafted lyrics which strike the coveted sweet spot between relatability and originality.

With each chorus culminating in a lush fusion of harmonies against a powerfully atmospheric array of guitars, Anna emulates indie icon Phoebe Bridgers with her achingly melancholic style. We can’t recommend enough that you take a few minutes out of your day to immerse yourself in Anna’s vocals as you reminisce on your own growing pains.

Words By Shona Oliver

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