Sister Lucy – Big Girl Pants

New EP alert! Abi Sinclair, best known as Sister Lucy, has released her new country-grunge style EP Big Girl Pants. After having released the first three tracks ‘Dream’, ‘Big Kid’ and ‘The Best At Bad’ she has finally come out with her last record ‘She Loves To Hate’.

The fragile dreams we have and the things we so quickly and easily loose” is the main theme around Big Girl Pants as stated by the artist herself.

It explores her own personal reflection of her biggest insecurities and faults by looking at past experiences of rejection, sadness and impossible desires. Her music is very relaxing which allows the listeners mind to drift away into their own past experiences.

The record that has just come out ‘She Loves To Hate’ is about a friendship in which she feels taken advantage of. Both parties want different outcomes she feels that the other individual “never really liked her”. She feels used for the wrong reasons. However she partially blames herself for “we love to hate boys but we still want them” she blissfully sings.

Sister Lucy has already performed some of her tracks live, recently she performed at SWN festival.

As a whole, the EP looks at subjects us as a society can all relate to. Therefore you should absolutely check it out. Im definitely excited to see what the South East London singer is up to next, aren’t you? Until then, we have four incredible records to enjoy.

Words By Natalia Daley

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