BELQIS – ‘I’m Okay Now’ 

Get yourself prepared because Belqis’ new single ‘I’m Okay Now’, is finally out. 

Being present on the scene for a few years now, Belqis is making her way into becoming a  household name. Her previous albums, Daydreaming and Winter, make an ideal introduction  for the things she has in store for the future. 

I’m okay now, I won’t force myself upon you, I still love you but, I don’t need you like I used  to” 

Being in love is an addictive process you just have to get that fix in the form of being around  someone you cherish. But when it is over, you have to reset and start again. Belqis has  perfectly put the words in this song describing the feeling of moving on from a past  relationship. You get used to your new routines and lose dependency on someone you love. 

‘I’m Okay Now’ starts with a soft sound, with an impression of being somewhere in an  acoustic space, but as it goes on, it becomes more dynamic and uplifting due to the fusion of  digital and analogue rhythm. Her voice is so charming, giving out a sense of confidence and  warmth. 

Release your emotions and heal from the heartache of a tough break-up with Belqis.

Words By Manuela Medic

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