Blue Walker – ‘Without Me’

Scottish singer and songwriter Blue Walker is here with her latest release ‘Without Me’.  Blue grew up in Edinburgh and moved to Manchester six years ago to study a degree in music (specialising in vocals) 

Blue has credited the likes of Adele, Fleetwood Mac, and Miley Cyrus as some of her biggest inspirations. 

When speaking of her latest single Blue stated that: “I wrote this song about a specific situation that I grew up with as a child, resulting in a lot of trauma that still to this day I am learning to deal with. Around this time I was listening to a lot of music that involved huge arrangements such as Fleet Foxes’ ‘Helplessness Blues’.”

In ‘Without Me’ Blue’s talents as a vocalist shine as the track is filled with stunning harmonies against a stripped back acoustic guitar. 

Go listen to ‘Without Me’ and show Blue Walker some love! 

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