Issy Winstanley – ‘Too Real’

Uniting gentle soundscapes with a gripping vocal performance, Cheltenham based artist Issy Winstanley has really impressed with her newest single release.

‘Too Real’ is a soft and hazy pop ballad that centres on loss and grieving. Delving into such poignant topics, Issy beautifully delivers a musical helping hand to anyone going through a similar situation. 

Singing on the loss of her Grandpa, Issy completely opens up to her listeners and gives an admirably raw account of her feelings on grieving. Issy’s pure courage to express these thoughts shows how she isn’t afraid to put everything into her music. Soothing yet simultaneously tear jerking, ‘Too Real’ is such a powerful track.

Having received extensive support from BBC Introducing and local radio, you can also find Issy taking to the stage at many venues on home turf, displaying her gorgeous rich vocals and enchanting performance skills. Aiming to always connect with her fanbase and create music that will mean something to everyone who listens, this talent has all the right intentions which will stand her in good stead for a prosperous future ahead. 

Words By Chloe Hadded

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