Ellie Knight – ‘Unapologetic’

New in the dance pop scene, Ellie knight is here with her latest release ‘Unapologetic’. A follow on from her last single ‘Better Days. 

As the title suggests Ellie brings a ‘Unapologetic’ attitude in her vocals and lyricism. The empowering yet fierce nature of the song is similar to Popstars  Lily Allen and Kate Nash. 

Speaking of her new track Ellie said : “I wrote Unapologetic when I was 17, and I’m still figuring out my sense of self. One day the word ‘unapologetic’ popped into my head and I thought to myself wow this is a powerful word, I could write something using this! I ended up with this empowering song about owning who you are and not being weighed down by other people’s judgements of you or allowing opinions to influence your sense of self-worth.”

Ellie’s influences are the likes of Charli XCX, Dua Lipa and Years and Years. These influences can be heard in the production which Ellie does herself. It’s clear to say that this Dream Pop-Star is on the rise, having been collaborating with Avenue House Collective I’m excited to see what’s next for Ellie Knight. 

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