Eshani – ‘Queen Shi’ 

The new empowering pop anthem comes from singer, songwriter and performer Eshani. In the new single ‘Queen Shi’ Eshani is embracing her goddess energy and paying homage to her Indian heritage. 

Eshani’s previous singles include ‘Not Your Typical Brown Girl’, ‘Pretty Face’, ‘Better Than You’ and ‘Psych Anxiety’ which highlight her being rebellious, bold, strong, owning her diverse cultural experiences, toxic relationships and standing out as a brown woman embracing vulnerability.

Eshani is known for her ability to create diverse cultural experiences throughout her music, showing her ability to pursue her passion while breaking societal barriers.

When speaking of her new single, Eshani states that: “it is about “owning your true self, the universe, your culture, not settling for anything less and doing “Queen Shit”. An ambitious boss woman buying her own yeezys, Louboutins, being the best of both worlds, standing out, being bold, creating, loving, embracing her true authentic self.”

‘Queen Shi’ is out now, go and show it some love!

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