Introducing – Talon David

Nashville based singer and songwriter Talon David has been one to watch from early on. In 2017 she was awarded the winner of the GRAMMY Foundation’s Teens Make Music Contest for her song ‘Deep Snow’.

Talon credits her love for music to her parents “They both worked as performers at Opryland theme park before I was born—Dad as a rock-n-roll guitar player and Mom as a singer/dancer in the musicals. So music was a HUGE part of my growing up.

“I learned to sing and speak at the same time, so they both have the same value in my brain. We would sing ALL the time. We would dance ALL the time. I often laugh when people say, that people don’t break out into song and dance in real life. But my family would beg to differ hahaha”

Growing up in such a musical family means that Talon has gained a wide variety of influences spanning from musical theatre to classic rock music. 

“Some influences from my childhood are Journey, The Beach Boys, and the Beatles from my dad and Cyndi Lauper, the original cast recording of Wicked, and everything from Rogers and Hammerstein from my mom. The mixture of those two worlds was the foundation. Then I discovered Taylor Swift, Adele, and Michael Buble when I was a preteen, and they were instrumental in helping me develop my singing and songwriting style. “

Talon continued to develop her career after studying at ​​Belmont University. Talon’s music is aiming to encourage people that they are not alone in their troubles. And no matter the extent of pain, there is always hope. 

Talon’s last LP Miscellaneous was released last year and is a beautiful showcase of what a brilliant talent she is. Here Talon explains how Miscellaneous came to be

I vividly remember when I learned the word “miscellaneous” in 6th grade English class. We were doing a worksheet, and one of the headings was “miscellaneous.” Another student asked what it meant, and our teacher said it meant “everything left over, everything that doesn’t fit under the earlier headings.” I’ve carried this word with me ever since because I felt incredibly connected to it. 

You see, I’ve never felt like I fit snugly into a category and that has transferred even into my music. I was always too creative to just be athletic, too silly to just be studious, too focused to just be artistic. And I realized that this is true for all humans. No category can truly define all parts of us. We are, all of us, miscellaneous. The album was crafted to show what “miscellaneous-ity” looks like in regard to my music, and to ultimately help listeners be more comfortable embracing ALL parts of themselves, not just the ones that fit into a prescribed category. It’s a bit of a declaration of freedom. 

It’s clear that Talon is set for big things with her latest single ‘instincts’ having just been released and album 2 in the making she is definitely one to watch. So go and show Talon David some love!

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