Iva Ray – ‘Common’

Make way for your new favourite ballad ‘Common’ by Dublin based singer songwriter Iva Ray. Released three days before Valentine’s Day, ‘Common’ hits the heart and encourages listeners to know their own worth.

Iva broke into the music scene in 2020 with her single ‘Click’ which premiered on BBC Radio UK. Iva then took 2021 by storm when she released her single ‘Trouble’ and a music video with Slick Bullet, who Iva often works with. 

Reflecting on ‘Common’, Iva states: ‘You know, we all had this relationship where we believed the person is everything but in the end we realize it is all just in our imagination and we finally see clearly, I didn’t write this song for a specific person, or for love. I wrote it following this feeling.’

The slow ballad with touches of R&B and Pop differs from Iva’s previous tracks, and the lyrics definitely achieve Iva’s aim to connect and resonate with listeners. Iva is working on her debut album set to be released this year and being an artist who does not confine her music to a specific genre, we can expect a musical journey in 2022!

Words By Abbie England

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