Wallis Bird – ‘The Power of a Word’

‘The Power of a Word’ is the new offering by Irish singer, songwriter Wallis Bird.  The stipped back and mellow single has a charming yet sombre tone. With Wallis’s distinct vocals taking centre stage.  

Speaking of her new single Wallis Stated: 

“Power of the Word was written around about the time that Trump got voted out, thankfully, because he had the best words. I hate even talking about the man but it was a really big turning point, it was a great release in the world. The song highlights the power that words can have, that they can be useful and dangerous. The Power of a Word was written in about three hours, it was one of those moments when it just happens…it clicks.”

 Wallis is gearing up for her 7th studio album to be released in May and with a wealth of success already under her belt it’s certainly exciting times for this talented songwriter.

Go check out ‘The Power of a Word’ it’s not one to be missed!

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