Anna Westin – LEV (Album)

Folk singer- songwriter Anna Westin is due to release her beautifully honest and emotional new album LEV later this week (25/03) LEV is partly inspired by a journey encompassing literature, philosophy, and Anna’s work as director of anti-trafficking initiative The JAM Network UK. 

Throughout the 9 track album, Anna provides a voice for those who feel marginalised all whilst showcasing her unique and individual experience through the roots of folk with a splash of soul soundscapes. 

Anna’s talent for songwriting is definitely one of her biggest strengths, taking the listeners of a story with each track. Crediting the likes of Joni Mitchel and Taylor Swift as a few of her biggest influences and the inspiration from these great writers can definitely be heard in Anna’s work. 

 Named for the Hebrew word for ‘Heart’, LEV is an exploration of exactly that. The album navigates themes of morality, transcendence, and humanity, scored by a Swedish/Jewish/Irish folk, classical, contemporary and nature sounds fusion.

LEV will be released on the 25/03 be sure to check it out and show Anna Westin some love! 

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