it’s just Cat – ‘Not a Vibe’

Hailing from Ireland, it’s just Cat has released her new single ‘Not a Vibe’  that’s bold, colourful and has a killer chorus that will get stuck in your head instantly.

it’s just Cat is dedicated to cultivating a musical space where individuals have the freedom to express themselves however they want, while keeping her sound stamped with individuality and creating a style of her own.

“Not a vibe” is a reflection of my personal experience of the music industry. It’s a clap-back at people who have attempted to copy me while telling me I’m not good enough. The chorus celebrates the freedom I feel by cutting out people who bring bad vibes and the positive energy of the track represents my everlasting confidence that I’m happier than ever when I’m doing music. A feeling that is all my own and completely untouchable”

Stream ‘Not a Vibe’ out now!

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