Love You Later – ‘Keepintouch’

Nashville-based artist Lexi Aviles debuted under the moniker Love You Later in 2017, with the single ‘Lost In Los Angeles’, which charted at 12 on Spotify’s Viral Top 50. Since then, she has established herself as a definite talent to watch. Later releases, including ‘Growing’ and ‘PCH Rollercoaster’, have seen her carve out a niche for herself β€” shimmering electro-pop accompanied by incisively honest lyrics. 

Her new single, ‘Keepintouch’, continues this trend and raises it to even more euphoric heights. It’s a song that feels like a night out dancing, where the line between feeling electric and emotional continually blurs. And the track’s fluorescent sound merges seamlessly with the conflict of its vocals. “I’m losing touch with everyone else,” Aviles sings, her layered voice soaring alongside the instrumentals, “trying to keep in touch with myself.” 

With a chorus that is a nugget of alt-pop gold, ‘Keepintouch’ doesn’t sacrifice catchiness as it explores how to balance social connectedness with feeling connected to yourself. Grappled with is the sensation of being overwhelmed by emotions but having no one to turn to, as seen in the lyrics, “I’m having a moment / Nobody knows it”

Aviles has described the inspiration behind the track as a desire to keep these two kinds of connectivity in close orbit of one another. She explains, “I came to this strange realisation – I felt more connected to myself when I had other people around me, but I knew that I really needed to learn to be alone again in order to truly feel connected with myself. And I also wanted to express the fear of losing the people I loved in the process.” 

With a sound that both pays homage to the greats of pop, including Carly Rae Jepsen and Robyn, and manages to feel fresh and exciting, it’s safe to say Love You Later has a great future ahead. ‘Keepintouch’ is evidence that Aviles will only continue to outdo herself. 

Words by Eleanor Burleigh