Foxglove – ‘Lights Off’

Foxglove are here with their electrifying latest single ‘Lights Off’. The female fronted band from Manchester give an euphoric and alternative  twist to classic indie music. 

With a gritty bass driving throughout, ‘Lights Off’ is a hypnotic track- focusing on capturing the vivid feelings of a fever dream visually, musically and lyrically. 

The Hypnotic tones continue throughout the songs accompanying visuals as referencing stylistic traits of Quentin Tarantino films and mirroring scenes from The Joker, the band take their audience into a fever dream style journey. 

Lead Singer Abi Stated: 

“This is the first track I wrote lyrically like this, by taking inspirations from lines within TV dramas, books and the lyrics I jot down on my phone as I’m in a state of consciousness between being awake and asleep.I think it mirrors the confusion you feel when you’ve had a vivid dream, and I really wanted us to capture this through the video too, which I think Nick Dunleavy (director) did an exceptional job of.”

Be sure to check out Foxglove, they’re certainly a band set for big things!

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