Hollyanne – ‘When I Hear Your Call’

Yorkshire based singer, songwriter Hollyanne is back with a fantastic new offering ‘When I hear your call’. This single is from her upcoming album Years and if this single is anything to go by this album is going to be pretty special.

‘When I Hear Your Call’ is a fun, pop song that is certain to leave a smile on your face. Holly’s vocals shine through the clean production. The track has clear influences of 2000’s dance and 80’s pop but with a fresh new feel.

‘When I hear your call’ is about the intense feelings of passion you have for somebody, you can’t stop thinking about them, is it love or infatuation? Your phone buzzes, you run to it with a beating heart, every call or message sends a shock wave through your entire body and soul.’  

Be sure to check out ‘when I hear your call’ out on all platforms now!

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