Lou Roy – Pure Chaos (Album)

Lou Roy, LA singer/songwriter already captured our attention with her debut release of “Valkyrie” and now it is time to finally enjoy her first full-length album, Pure Chaos.

After dealing with a hard breakup and struggling two last years, Lou poured out all her emotions into the lyrics and sounds of her new album. Pure Chaos exudes complexity and focuses mainly on feelings of vulnerability and regret. Even though the topics derive from the most painful Lou’s memories, she managed to preserve the playfulness and dynamism in every song. Her nostalgic vocals and backing guitar elevate above all the hardships of the everyday, chaotic world. The combination of different styles forms such a one-of-a-kind sound that flows so naturally from one song to the other.

The album represents Roy as an artist, confidently running through life and leaving her signature in music. It is just the beginning of her creative exploration and we are curious about what is yet to come.

Words By Manuela Medic

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