Mica Millar – ‘Heaven Knows’

‘Heaven Knows’ is the new single by Manchester based artist Mica Millar. This compelling new single is a fantastic blend of gospel and soul that Mica executes flawlessly. 

Exploring the complexities of faith and fate and the duality of moving between mindsets – from that “deep-down-in-your-gut” knowing to the over- facing fear of failure, ‘Heaven Knows’ sees Mica poetically explore a tightrope of human emotional states. 

The accompanying video sees Mica perform in Manchester’s famous Albert Hall. 

Speaking on her Latest single Mica stated: 

“For me, the sentiment of Heaven Knows brings together a lot of the lyrical themes from across the album. The duality of the title is about moving between emotional states – fear and hope, love and loss. On reflection, I think Heaven Knows was about reminding myself of that grounded place in between – finding a sense of peace or acceptance in the balancing act. Sometime I feel like there’s a higher power or a divine destiny and other times, I lose that sense and feel totally lost – and I think that’s OK”.

Be sure to check out this amazing single and show Mica Millar some love.

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