INCONNIA – Opus 1 (Album)

The time is finally here. INCONNIA has released her new album Opus 1 and it is just as incredible as I was expecting. 

Known for her art-pop styling, quirky visuals and heartfelt lyricism. Opus 1 is the full embodiment of everything that makes INCONNIA so wonderful. 

“It feels like the right time to put these songs out of my bedroom and into the world. They’ve been sitting around on my laptop for far too long!”

INCONNIA is the definition of a DIY artist which only adds to the greatness of her work having recorded, produced, written and performed everything on this album you can clearly hear that she has poured her heart and soul into it and that it comes from a place of pure passion. 

Tackling hard hitting topics such as Women’s Rights, OCD, PTSD, and Relationship Abuse. INCONNIA delves into these themes with a sensitivity and compassion while still bringing a powerful message to each song. 

Be sure to check out Opus 1 out now on all streaming platforms! 

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