MYTBE – ‘Moody’

MYTBE, is the new singer, songwriter to add to your playlists immediately. Releasing her debut EP ‘spill it’ in 2020, she is back with her first single since ‘moody’ this new single is about the human instinct of wanting to be loved, no matter the circumstance. Craving another’s affection; be it right or wrong. Ignoring all sense and your better judgement, to instead bask in the rose-tinted euphoria of new romance.

Speaking of the new single MYTBE stated: “I wrote this song about a recent brief romance, one which both parties both knew wasn’t going to last forever. Although the end was in sight, I still found myself drunk on affection and willing to overlook the red flags. Inspired by these feelings of blindsidedness, I was keen to capture the foolish notion of loving carelessly.”

Be sure to check out ‘Moody’ by MYTBE out now!!!

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