Introducing – Lou Roy

Having recently released her latest album Pure Chaos it’s an exciting time for rising star Lou Roy.

Lou speaks to us about what sparked her passion for music and her fantastic new album. 

It’s clear that Lou Roy has a flare for songwriting. Citing the likes of Joni Mitchell, Rihanna, and Mariah Carey as a few of her biggest influences also stating that “I’m also a huge Lord of the Rings fan, and that find its way into my writing quite often”

Like many artists Lou’s love for music started at a young age – “Singing was my first favorite thing – I was constantly singing as a kid, obsessive about it really. My first favorite albums were “Spirit” by Jewel and “Butterfly” by Mariah Carey.” 

“I became so enamoured with those records and spent so much time listening to them while living my little kid life – forming so many memories, good and bad, associated with the music that it became part of my little essence”. 

Lou’s Album Pure Chaos was released in April and has since gone on to achieve over 300,000 streams since then. Having recorded the album while in the middle of the pandemic, Lou explains what that process what like…

“LA was in full lockdown. I was fresh off a breakup and living alone for the first time in my life, that aloneness was magnified tenfold by lockdown- I went weeks without seeing anyone in person. I was getting freaky, introspective, and really quite high, and found that songwriting was returning to me as a cathartic process rather than something I needed to do to ‘make it.‘”

Its clear that Lou Roy is an artist on the cusp of very big things. With this debut album only being the beginning. I for one and very excited to see where she goes next!

 “I also have written a bunch more fuckin sensitive singer-songwriter indie rock. There’s also an improvisational duo project with one of the deepest musicians I’ve had the pleasure of knowing in the mix

Be sure to stream Pure Chaos and show Lou Roy some love!

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