Supriya Nagarajan – Posse of Fireflies (Album)

Classically trained Carnatic artist and mentor Supriya Nagarajan is on a mission calling upon the public to turn off their lights and reclaim the Night Sky!

Dewsbury-based and Indian born, Supriya is bringing the memory of her native country’s vibrant dark skies to the UK with her upcoming album Posse of Fireflies. 

Set for release on Indian Independence Day (August 15th), the album represents a first for World Music, mixing traditional South-Indian sounds with electronic elements to capture the fireflies that illuminated the artist’s childhood 30-hour coal train trips from metropolitan Mumbai to rural Madras.

Supriya Nagarajan is definitely a pretty inspirational woman having been nominated for Wonder Woman of the Year (Woman at Home Magazine) she also runs a national PRSF funded mentoring program for female artists and composers to help them overcome the barriers that Supriya had faced years ago.

Be sure to check out Posse of Fireflies out on the 15/08 and show Supriya Nagarajan some love!

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