BEC – ‘Cost Of Love’

singer , songwriter BEC is here with her latest single ‘Cost of Love’ out on the 17th June. This indie pop anthem is the embodiment of everything that makes Bec such an awesome artist. 

“If Shania Twain + Daft Punk met at an 80s aerobics class, sweatily hooked up and had a gay baby… she would be named ‘Cost of Love’,” shares Bec. 

 Driven by shuffling drums, hooky guitars reminiscent of the late 70s and of course Sandridge’s unmistakable voice.. ‘Cost Of Love’ is without question, a testament to Sandridge’s ability to write a sophisticated and unforgettable pop-banger. 

 Combining elements of pop and dance-synth hooks, the new EP highlights her love of bold soundscapes which transport listeners into an alternate state. As always, the songs are framed by her signature sound (and love) of sad songs that are danceable. 

‘Cost Of Love’ is out TODAY be sure to check it out and show the amazing Bec some love!

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