Sprout – Sprout EP

The genderless blob of emotion aka the one and only Sprout has recently released their debut self titled EP and I can’t get enough!

Sprout, aka Meg Grooters, is a Burnley bred singer-songwriter making classic dulcet tones fit for the 21st century. 

Sprout launched their solo career with the release of ‘(I’m Just) Getting By’ back in February. Since then they’ve shared ‘Settled (Here In My Heart)’, a song written during a time of identity crisis for Sprout, as well as ‘In The Night (It’s Only You I Think Of)’ which explores being soothed by love from bouts of insomnia.

Relationships and anxiety are covered in other tracks. But underpinning them all is Sprout’s dexterous vocal ability, which gives the EP its joyous sheen as they channel jazz icons like Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday in their golden age cinema style.

Speaking of the EP, Sprout said: “This EP is a collection of thoughts, feelings, and silliness all wrapped up in a big colourful costume box. 

“Although I’m very happy to be putting the music out for people to hear, really it was a cluster of things made just for me, by me, and plastered together with best friends, comfy couches, and a lot of love. 

Be sure to check out this wonderful EP and show the amazing Sprout some love!

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