Rachel Sermanni – Every Swimming Pool Runs to the Sea EP

Edinburgh-based singer/songwriter Rachel Semanni is back with her new EP Every Swimming Pool Runs to the Sea, a short format collection overflowing with curiosity and liveliness.

It is a celebration of life, its dynamic moments, and emotions that are in constant movement just like water. The smooth flow of unforgettable events in life.

The lead single ‘Aquarium Kisses’ is filled with nostalgia as she sings about a magical dream kissing her old friend. Sermanni was joined by Courtney Hartman on ‘Soak Me’ and they divinely mixed their tender and radiant vocals. Soft notes of ‘Silk Dart’ are an ode to the joyous evenings she has spent at River Dart, discovering a different side of herself. To complete her EP is the title track, ‘Every Swimming Pool Runs to the Sea’. The gentle guitar follows Sermanni’s captivating voice as she brings up the fragility of love and the feelings which can’t be elucidated with just plain words.

“All these songs were written from what I’d regard as a place of bliss and pleasure. I was filled with delight and deliciousness”, Sermanni says.

Tune in and enjoy Rachel Sermanni’s new EP.

Words By Manuela Medic

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