BELQIS – ‘Age of Innocence’

If you’re looking for dreamy, melancholic indie-pop look no further as we’ve got you covered. BELQIS is a singer-songwriter from Frankfurt, Germany, and her latest single ‘Age of Innocence’ is everything that makes the genre of indie pop so brilliant.

BELQIS never fails to impress with her stunning vocals and it’s no surprise that she’s done it again on this latest release, however, ‘Age of Innocence’ really shows what a great songwriter BELQIS is. She provides us with interesting and engaging melodies that keep the audience hooked and is definitely a song you’ll remember after the first listen. 

Speaking of her latest release BELQIS stated: “It’s an indie-pop song with upbeat electronic dance elements, but mostly it’s chill and very cheerful – a perfect hymn for the summer! Because the last few years have been so stressful for all of us, it was important for me to bring back some lightheartedness.”

Be sure to check out  ‘Age of Innocence’  and show the wonderful BELQIS some love! 

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