Introducing – BEC

If you’re looking for a “gal who writes sad boogies w gross fuzzy guitars” then look no further as singer, songwriter BEC chatted with HER about what made her start a musical journey along with her latest release ‘Cost of Love’ 

BEC  (in formal situations, Rebecca) is dynamic singer songwriter as as mentioned previously has recently released the steller single ‘Cost of Love’, however, BEC’s journey into music wasn’t as linear as her talent might suggest: “I was originally studying English and Sociology at University and i took a little time off, back-backing around Europe and Passenger and Stu Larsen were staying at my hostel in Glasgow and i invited them to an open-mic night i was performing at, they came, invited me on tour, i deferred uni (3-4 times) and decided that music is more fun and haven’t really stopped since…” 

‘Cost Of Love’ is the first track to be shared from Bec Sandridge’s collection of new songs on her ‘Lost Dog’ EP; due out October 7th. Combining elements of pop and dance-synth hooks, the new EP highlights her love of bold soundscapes which transport listeners into an alternate state. As always, the songs are framed by her signature sound (and love) of sad songs that are danceable. BEC Describes her latest offering as: 

“She’s just a Shania Twain + Daft Punk gay baby to be honest… I just love both of those artists, sonically and aesthetically. They’re both artists who kinda just embrace fluidity in terms of genre etc. I guess that’s something that I would like to try and model my career around too. Following what feels most fun…”

As previously mentioned BECs Upcoming EP Lost Dog is due out for release October 7th. I for sure is going to include some of BECs best work to date and is something special (so save the date) BEC is clearly a talented artist so I was intrigued to find out more about her creative process. 

“At the moment, I’m getting really into production and nerding out on guitar tones, so a lot of the time I write songs from the drum-beat up or start with a particular guitar pedal and build around that.” 

Cost of Love by BEC is out now and remember to watch out for the release of Lost Dog on the 08/08

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