Sir Jude – ‘Madonna’

Sir Jude is introducing  listeners to her world and ‘Madonna’ proves that it really might just be Sir Jude’s world that we’re living in.

Embodying love, self-hood, heartbreak and hope, Sir Jude’s music is a modern timewarp – a discovery of raw emotion through sensuality and imagination. 

Madonna  is a bold and shameless song both sonically and lyrically with a retro pop feel . the track’s core concept is to reflect the dichotomy of the Madonna and the whore, the patriarchal respect of innocence and implied shame of sexual agency. 

This single contributes to the visual story that culminates her pending debut album, Revelations, a body of work that represents a sonic journey of unravelling internalised misogyny and discovery of the self, pushing the boundaries of pop with lyrical prowess in its stride.

No matter what type of music she comes out with, it’s likely to be distinctly Sir Jude – each sound and theme different from the last or next and we’re for sure in for an exciting ride.

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