Jemima Coulter-Grace After A Party(Album)

The incredible Jemima Coulter has recently released their debut album Grace After A Party and if you do anything today, I highly recommend going and listening to this amazing album.

Jemima’s sound is similarly boundaryless and pays little regard to predefined conventions. Raised on classical music in Hampshire without context for what was popular, they fuse layered, affected vocals with pulsating synths, lilting piano, swirling guitars and jaunty percussion to make a sound that is entirely their own.

Grace After A Party has a timeless and classic feel to it. This could be due to a combination of Jemima’s expert penmanship and soulful voice. Every track has its own distinct sound yet gives the feeling of a warm hug. 

Speaking of their debut album, Jemima said: “Listening to [the album] gives me a feeling I think most similar to after having a really intense lucid dream, where your day seems to be split in dual reality and you’re not really sure which one is which.”

Be sure to check out Grace After A Party by Jemima Coulter out now!

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