Rlyblonde – ‘Fantasy’

After years of being the go-to photographer for New York’s favourite indie acts, Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary artist Carina Allen, aka rlyblonde, is taking her turn in the spotlight. She released her first single “Fantasy” earlier this week, and she is back today to reveal the song’s official music video. 

Directed by rlyblonde herself and filmmaker Jisun Lee, the “Fantasy” music video is a playful riff on The Bachelorette. “I find The Bachelor franchise to be the strangest, most ridiculous, most engrossing socially accepted cultural phenomenon on television,” she says. “How the hell do you really get to know someone in 10 minute intervals? How real is your relationship when you basically fabricated romance the entire time?”

Starring as America’s sweetheart, she confronts the ridiculous, over-the-top displays of femininity that women are expected to perform, especially in hetero dating culture. In contrast to the unrealistic whirlwind romances depicted on the show, the “Fantasy” video descends into chaos and concludes with the bachelorette becoming a runaway bride. 

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